The Tramp and his cocktail stick

The Tramp and his cocktail stick - funny stories

My friend Billy and I were out clubbing one night; we were having a blast trying our best to meet some beautiful girls. Around 2 am we were walking around town trying to find somewhere else that was open, after about half an hour we stumbled across a shady looking bar.

We went in, ordered a few drinks, sat down and a few moments later a scruffy looking guy walks in; he must have been homeless he went up to the barman and asked him for a cocktail stick and walked out.

Billy and I were still drinking saying how strange that scenario was, 5 minutes later another homeless man walked in the bar and headed over to the barman and asked for a cocktail stick and left.

I said to Billy “What the hell is going on in this pub tonight? Let’s finish our drinks and have a look outside see what’s going on”. Billy and I finished our drinks, stood up and headed to the exit.

We were heading towards the door, and ANOTHER homeless guy enters and walks towards the bar, I look at Billy, and say while laughing “Let me guess he wants a cocktail stick.”

Billy and I stood there watching the homeless guy walking up to the barman and saying “can I have a straw?” the barman replies “hold on a minute, two guys before you came in and asked for a cocktail stick and now you enter and ask for a straw, what the hell is going on?”. The homeless guy says “someone has been sick outside and all the best bits are gone”.

To say the least Billy and I will remember this night and will never look at a straw in the same light again!

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