The pastor and his dam fish

The pastor and his dam fish - funny stories

Hi, I’m the local pastor of a small village, one day I was walking through the local market looking for something to buy for tea. As I was walking through the market, I noticed a young boy selling fish on the corner, to get peoples attention he is screaming “Get your dam fish here, dam fish for sale!”

I walk over to the young boy and say “Young boy, I am a pastor, and I am wondering why are you calling them Dam fish”.

The boy says “I have caught these fish from the local dam sir”. The fish looked delicious, so I purchased a couple of them from the young boy and took them home to my wife and son. I get home, walk in and say to my wife “Cook, the dam fish”. My wife responds surprised, “A pastor shouldn’t talk to his wife like that”.

I explained that the young boy I bought them from catches the fish at the local dam and that is why they are called dam fish… Later at dinner time, I ask my son to pass the dam fish, and my son responds “That’s the spirit Dad! Now pass the f*cking potatoes!”

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