My Irish uncle goes the doctors

My irish uncle goes the doctors - funny stories

My Irish Uncle has been having some health problems; he gets an appointment at his Doctors for a checkup. I go to the doctors with him and the doctor examines my Uncle and says “Your heart is having some serious problems, but the good news is, if you take these tablets I think you will be fine.”

The doctor gives my Irish Uncle his tablets; my Uncle says “Do I have to take the tablets every single day?” The doctor replies “No, take one on Monday, skip Tuesday, take one on Wednesday, skip Thursday and repeat.”

A few weeks later I am walking down the street and bump into my Uncles doctor at the local shop, he asks me “Hi, hows your uncle feeling after taking those tablets I gave him?” I said “Not good; he died of a heart attack.”
The doctor says “I’m so sorry for your loss, I thought if he took the tablets he would be fine and make a full recovery.”
I replied, “Doctor, the tablets where fine, It was all the skipping that killed him!”

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