My friend needed his slippers

My friend needed his slippers - funny stories

A good friend of mine Paul had broken his leg, so one night after work I popped round his house for a chat and a drink. He was in a bad way he was on his couch with his leg all strapped up and was in a lot of pain. After a couple of hours being in his house he said to me that his feet were freezing and to run upstairs to get his slippers.

Being a good friend I said no problem! Ran upstairs and noticed his two beautiful 22-year-old daughters in their bedroom chilling. I entered their room and said, “Hey girls your dad sent me up here to have sex with you both!”

The girls giggled and said, “F*ck off you liar, no way!” I replied, “watch I will prove it.” So I shouted downstairs “Both of them, Paul?” My friend replied moments later “Of course what’s the use in f*cking one!”

To sum up the story – I was no longer friends with Paul but had the best night of my life!!

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