Kissing the nun in my cab

Kissing the nun in my cab - Funny stories

A few years ago I was working part-time as a cab driver, I was working late one night, and it was just a typical shift until I pulled up to my next fare and stood there was a nun! The nun got into my cab, and I couldn’t stop staring at her, ten minutes later the nun says “Excuse me, why do you keep staring at me?” I respond “To be honest my biggest fantasy is to kiss a nun.”

The nun replies “I will kiss you if you are single and Catholic”, I said, “I am both.” The nun says “Well there is an alleyway further up the road, let’s pull in” next minute the nun is kissing me in a way that would make a hooker blush. After the nun finished kissing me, I broke down in tears and said: “I am so sorry, I lied, I’m married and Jewish!” The nun says “Don’t worry about it that’s ok, my name is Kevin and I’m going to a fancy dress party.”

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