Blonde trying to buy a TV

Blonde trying to buy a TV - funny stories

My friend Becki told me about one of her blonde moments, and I had to share.

Becki is a tall blonde woman who does stand out in a crowd; she’s beautiful but not the brightest. One day she walks into an electronics store to buy a TV, she walks up to a member of staff and says “Can I buy that TV please?”

The guy working there looks confused and replies “No, sorry, we don’t sell to blondes.”

Becki was distraught and left the shop, she felt discriminated for being blonde, but the TV was an excellent deal, so she went home, dyed her hair black and returned to the store the next day.

She walks in, her hair was the darkest she could dye it and walked up to another guy who works there and says “Hi, can I buy that TV, please?”

The guy replies “Sorry, we don’t sell to blondes!” Becki replies straight away “How the hell do you know I am Blonde?”

The guy giggles and says “That’s a microwave…”

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