A blonde stranded in a desert

A blonde stranded in a desert - Funny stories

This story is so dumb! My sister is a typical blonde, and she went on holiday with her friends to Eygpt, while they were there, they were offered a trip out to the desert on a camel.

The next day my sister and her friends got up early to spend the day exploring the desert, they travelled miles from civilisation, and a bit later on they stopped off for lunch an made a little picnic.

Next minute, they noticed the camels got spooked and ran away. They were left in the middle of the desert, alone and scared. They started walking across the desert looking for anyone who could help, and after hours of walking they came across a cave, they entered, saw a lamp and rubbed it.

Poof a genie popped out and granted the three girls a wish, the first girl wished to be back home with her friends and family, poof, she was back home. The 2nd girl wished to be back at the hotel, poof; she was back home. It was my blonde sister’s turn, and the genie said: “What do you wish for?”. My sister says “Awww I feel alone, I wish my friends were here”.

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